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Run a cafe, restaurant or food truck that require individually wrapped straws?


Our Reliable 8" rice straws also come in individually wrapped for your convenience. Made from all natural ingredients and are 100% biodegradable, say goodbye to shitty paper straws and hello to a greener future with HUT Rice Drinking Straws. Make the switch to a more eco-friendly option without sacrificing quality or durability.


Free shipping for 3 cartons and above (all on us!)

Trade pack | The Reliable 8" | 2000 rice straws - Individually wrapped

SKU: H88WH100-WR- FC
Colour: White
Expected to be shipped by EOD of April
  • Rice, Tapioca, Water, Naturally Derived & Plant Based Colouring (activated charcoal)

  • The Reliable 8" : 8mm x 200mm

    Individually wrapped

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